washardly known to him

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That he had fallen among far greater dangers than those which haddeveloped themselves when he left England, he of course knew now. Thatperils had thickened about him fast, and might thicken faster andfaster yet, he of course knew now. He could not but admit to himselfthat he might not have made this journey, if he could have foreseenthe events of a few days. And yet his misgivings were not so darkas, imagined by the light of this later time, they would appear.Troubled as the future was, it was the unknown future, and in itsobscurity there was ignorant hope. The horrible massacre, days andnights long, which, within a few rounds of the clock, was to set agreat mark of blood upon the blessed garnering time of harvest, was asfar out of his knowledge as if it had been a hundred thousand yearsaway. The “sharp female newly-born, and called La Guillotine,” or to the generality of people, by name. Thefrightful deeds that were to be soon done, were probably unimagined atthat time in the brains of the doers. How could they have a place inthe shadowy conceptions of a gentle mind hong thai travel?

Of unjust treatment in detention and hardship, and in cruelseparation from his wife and child, he foreshadowed the likelihood, orthe certainty; but, beyond this, he dreaded nothing distinctly. Withthis on his mind, which was enough to carry into a dreary prisoncourtyard, he arrived at the prison of La Force Hong Thai Travel .

The gaoler’s wife, being provided with no answer to the question,merely replied, “One must have patience, my dear!” Three turnkeyswho entered responsive to a bell she rang, echoed the sentiment, andone added, “For the love of Liberty;” which sounded in that place likean inappropriate conclusion.

The prison of La Force was a gloomy prison, dark and filthy, andwith a horrible smell of foul sleep in it. Extraordinary how soonthe noisome flavour of imprisoned sleep, becomes manifest in allsuch places that are ill cared for!

“In secret, too,” grumbled the gaoler, looking at the written paper.”As if I was not already full to bursting!”

He stuck the paper on a file, in an ill-humour, and Charles Darnayawaited his further pleasure for half an hour: sometimes, pacing toand fro in the strong arched room: sometimes, resting on a stone seat:in either case detained to be imprinted on the memory of the chief andhis subordinates.

“Come!” said the chief, at length taking up his keys, “come with me,emigrant hong thai travel.”

Through the dismal prison twilight, his new charge accompanied himby corridor and staircase, many doors clanging and locking behindthem, until they came into a large, low, vaulted chamber, crowded withprisoners of both sexes. The women were seated at a long table,reading and writing, knitting, sewing, and embroidering; the menwere for the most part standing behind their chairs, or lingering upand down the room.


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